Happy Halloween season everyone! 

We hope you all enjoyed summer but it’s that time of year for all of us to prep for the greatest holiday of them all, Halloween.

We have been working hard to get orders out as quickly as possible and even harder behind the scenes on some exciting changes that will be taking place over the next few months.

I know this is a long email and you can skip ahead to the good parts but there is some super exciting news included herein for all our customers.

So, without further wasting your time….




As you all know, Halloween is in full effect here at New Republic. We just want to say thank you to all our wonderful customers who have placed orders already and encourage those who have not, to please do so. We are working plenty of overtime to make sure every customer gets first class customer service as well as top notch printing at the best prices. We might be busy, but we are never too busy to assist our customers. So, keep those orders coming!


20 for $100 sale


The 20 shirts for $100 sale is still going strong.

1 color 1 sided prints of 1 design, small thru xl, printed, shipped and delivered.

2xl and larger shirts are 1.50 more a piece

You can order as many shirts over the 20 minimum as you like, you are not just limited to 20 shirts.

We are not sure how much longer the sale will go on so order soon before it’s gone.


Big News Part 1:
We are moving the shop!!!

We have seen so much growth this past year that we have outgrown our current space.

There are 2 big parts of this move we want to share with you.


First, our new location.

We are moving to 1201 2nd Ave North in downtown Birmingham. The new location is just a few blocks from UAB, the Baron’s baseball park and Railroad park.

This will make it easier for our local downtown customers to pick up orders instead of having to drive into the suburbs and allow us to better serve even more local Birmingham customers.


Second, our new space mates.

We will be sharing this new location with our good friends at Faith Skate Supply.

Faith Skate is the oldest and longest running skateboard shop in Birmingham and has been in business for over 20 years.

We have been close friends with Peter and the Faith Skate family for years and this is an exciting move for both of our small businesses.

We will be working closely with them to provide them newer products for their retail skate store and this will allow us retail space for some select designs and customers.

We’ll have more information about retail in the near future.


The new shop will be open for business Nov. 1st so keep an eye out for info. on our Grand opening/Halloween party to take place at the new location.


As a lifelong skater, over 32 years on board, and having printed many boards and garments for many small skate shops all over the country, this is a very exciting move for me. It’s every young skate rat’s dream to either turn pro or own/work at a skate shop. I have also heard rumors of a small old man ramp being built on site, but I will neither confirm or deny these rumors at this time.


Big News Part 2:
We bought our first Automatic Press

What’s an automatic press and how will it affect you our loyal customers?


First a bit of history.

For almost 20 years New Republic (def-star r.i.p.) has been printing quality garments completely by hand.

Every full color haunt tee, every touring band shirt, every single print has been made by moving a squeegee by hand across a screen loaded with ink (99% of them by Steve himself)

We’d like to say in that time we have gotten very good at what we do. We are very efficient in our production and our quality for hand printed garments is almost unmatched in the industry.

We have come to the point where we have to continue to expand to best serve our customers.

We could keep hiring more people and buy more manual presses to keep going like we have been since the beginning but our goals are to expand in new ways to offer more and better services to our customers.

So, what does all this mean for you the customer?


Our quality of garment printing will not suffer but will be enhanced by being able to be more consistent from shirt to shirt, be it a small 20 piece order or 10,000 pieces.


We will also be able to offer larger print sizes, up to 16″ wide by 18″ tall. This is currently the size of our oversized print size. We will no longer have an oversized print fee and we will be able to print in up to 10 colors (full color).


We will also be able to offer more discharge and water based printing options.


Printing over irregular surfaces, like over the zipper on zip hoodies will now be an option.


We will offer faster turnaround times with limited rush fees…

We should be able to get most jobs out within 5 business days which is down from our current 15.


There will also be a number of changes made to our pricing especially on large run full color printing.


So, with all of that in mind, better print quality, more print options, faster shipping and lower prices… we had no other choice than to purchase an automatic press.


The press will be arriving within the next month and we will release more details once it arrives. Be on the lookout for more low-price specials once it does.





With that we will close this post.

We promised big news and I would say we delivered.

It doesn’t get much bigger than a new shop location and a new press.

Again, as we have said many times before, none of our growth would be possible without the love and support of you, our loyal customers. Thank you for every single order that has ever been placed.

If you have any questions about any of the information contained in this email or about our services please feel free to email us or call.


Thank you

Steve, Melissa, Drew and Harlie

NewRepublic Print & Design
5184 Caldwell Mill Rd suite 204 169
Birmingham AL, 35244

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and yes those were Clutch references for those of you paying attention.


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